ANALOGY ( logical reasoning & data interpretation)

Analogy ( logical reasoning & data interpretation):

            'Analogy’ means ‘Similarity‘. In this type of questions, two objects related in some way are given and another similar relationship has to be identified.

ANALOGY ( logical reasoning & data interpretation)

Types of questions :

                         (1) in this type, objects 1 and 2, related in some way, are given and object 3 is also given. We have to find out object 4 from the alternative provided which bears the same relationship with the object 3 as objects 1 and 2 are related.
                       (2)In this type, we have to find the pair of objects as objects 3&4 which bears the same relationship as objects 1 & 2 are related.

ANALOGY ( logical reasoning & data interpretation)

Example 1:

Deep : Shallow : Freedom :..........
(a) Democracy
(b) Convict
(c) Prison
(d) Discipline
(d) 'DEEP' is the antonym of SHALLOW' while
Freedom' is the antonym of Discipline'.
Some more examples are given below:
Best :Worst
Initial : Final
Import: Export
Dawn :Dusk
Advance :Retreat
Cruel :Kind
Ignore : Notice
Sink : Float
Save: Kill
Lend : Borrow
Zenith: Nadir
Flocd : Femine
Create : Destroy
Mourn : Rejoice

Example 2:

Cenuine : Authentic :: Mirage :?
(a) lmage
(b) Transpiration
(c) Reflectiun
(d) Illusion
d) Illusion' is the synonym of 'Mirage`.
Some mare examples are given below:
Vacant : Empty
Admire : Praise
Ban: Prohibition
Abduct: Kidnap
Brim : Edge
Tempest: Storm
Stable : Rigid
Dearth: Scarcity
Blend : Mix
Fallacy: Illusion

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