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BLOOD RELATION ( logical reasoning & data interpretation)

BLOOD RELATION ( logical reasoning & data interpretation):

Some blood relations are, given below:
Mother's or father's daughter - Sister
Mother's or father's son - Brother
Mother's or father's father - Grand father.
Mother's or father's mother - Grand mother
Father's brother - Uncle
Father's sister - Aunt
Mother's brother - Maternal uncle
Mother's sister  -  Maternal aunt
Son's wife - Daughter-in-law
Daughter's husband - Son-in-law
Husband's or wife's sister - Sister-in-law
Husband's or wife's brother - Brother-in-law
Brother's or-sister's son - Nephew
Brother's or sister's daughter - Niece
Uncle's or aunt's son or daughter - Cousin
Sister's husband - Brother-in-law
Brother's wife -  Sister-in-law
Grand father's or grandmother's father - Great grand father
Grand father's or grand mother's mother - Great grand mother
Grand son's or grand, daughter's daughter - Great grand daughter
Grand. son's or grand daughter's son  - Great grand son.

Example 1:
A introduces B saying, "He is, the husband of the grand daughter of the father of my father?, How is.B related to A?
Father of the father means, grand father. Grand daughter of the grand father means sister. Husband of the sister means brother-in-law.
So, B is A's brother-in-law.
Example 2:
Pointing towards a persom in a aphotographo,Anjali said, "He is the only son of the father of my sister's brother"
How is that person related to Anjali?
Sister's brother - Brother
Brother's father -  Father
Father's son - Brother
The person in the photograph is Anjali's brother.

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