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CODING-DECODING (logical reasoning & data interpretation)

CODING -DECODING ( logical reasoning & data interpretation:

Code : A code is a system of words, letters, numbers or symbols that represent a message or record information secretly or in a shorter form.
Coding : It is a method of transmitting a message between the sender and the receiver such that no other person can understand the message.
In coding, actual alphabets/words/terms/numbers are replaced by certain other alphabets/words/numbers/symbols etc. according to a specific rule. To solve this type of questions we have to required to detect the rule and then answer the questions.
Decoding : It is a method to find the meaning of something that has written in code.
CODING-DECODING (logical reasoning & data interpretation)
Methods of coding:
(a) Skipping over the letter in the forward or backward direction.
(b) Writing the letters of given word in reverse order in part or in whole.
(c) Sometimes codes may be the position of those letters in alphabet.
CODING-DECODING (logical reasoning & data interpretation)
Example 1:

The word RUN is coded as SVO. What should be the code letters of LAY?
Solution :
                         R   U   N
            Here,    +1  +1  +1
                          S   V   O
                            L   A   Y
                           +1 +1 +1
                           M   B   Z
       LAY should be MBZ.

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