MATHEMATICAL OPERATIONS ( logical reasoning and data interpretation)

MATHEMATICAL OPERATIONS (logical reasoning and data interpretation):

                     In this type of questions, usual mathematical symbols (+-,÷, x,<,> etc.) are represented by symbols, different from the usual ones. To solve this type of questions, substitute the real signs in the given expression and then solve the expression according to the rule BODMAS.
Example 1:
If + means ÷, x means -,+ means × and - means + ,then 8+6x4÷3-4=?
(a) -12
(b) -20/3
(c) 12
(d) 20/3
(c) Using the given symbols, we have:
Given expression
= 8÷6-4x3+4=4/3-4×3+4
= -20/3

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